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Subject: 8/20/2004: Reg/Rep comments for v2.6+

I realize several of these comments will be post v2.6.  Thanks.

Section 4.2.0, 4.2.1
ServiceBinding and SpecificationLink
What about combination of WSDL related to a BTA? May need to readdress in later Reg/Rep the changes in v2.0 ebBP (mapping many web services to a business transaction activity within a collaboration). 

XML fragments may make up the ebBP process instance. How are fragments handled in RIM as opposed to an XML document?

May be multiple service interfaces if implemented by underlying web services when mapped to BTA (see comments above),
Or, may have the BSI with multiple service interfaces behind it that must be discoverable process patterns/pattern fragments.
Can these be associated via RegistryObject?

With introduction to addressing mechanisms in other venues, access may be via an address rather than a simple URI.
May affect Event information model.
May affect endPoint.

Side note: Could this affect RS as well (particularly with the use of URLs)?

Assumptions on usage parameters may be affected by any subsequent W3C output [note upcoming W3C Policy Conditions and Constraints workshop].

In CEFACT Unified Business Agreements and Contracts (UBAC), auditability is important for contract management. 
They likely could provide auditing requirements soon [1]. May need to use an element for affectedObjects.

[1] Draft use cases have not yet been released but are in draft.

Spell check [see for example line 1761 :>)].

Affected by WSDL v2.0 [portTypes->interfaces].

Any ebRIM comments may have residual effect on ebRS (I only scanned this briefly).


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