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Subject: UN/CEFACT-ICG adopts freebXML Registry

The UN/CEFACT Information Content Management Group (ICG) has officially
adopted the ebXML Registry standard as the center
piece of their new Information Content Management Architecture.

The architecture will be implemented as a federation of autonomous ebXML
Registries operated by various UN/CEFACT members countries and
organization. They are also envisioning a top level UN/CEFACT ebXML
Registry as the leader of the registry federation. The UN registry
federation will store Core Component artifacts as well as many other UN
defined artifacts.

At ICG invitation I attended a two day meeting Thursday and Friday.
On Thursday I presented ebXML Registry standard to them and discussed
their requirements and how ebXML Registry standard met those
requirements. On Friday we developed the blueprint for their
ebXML Registry based architecture which was then presented to the broader
participant of the UN/CEFACT conference.

It was good to see David Webber in the audience who contributed to
the lively discussion. The presentation was well received.

I will send link to the UN/CEFACT Information Content Management
Architecture slides as soon as it gets posted on their web site:


All in all I am overwhelmed by the success of this meeting and hope that
this momentum in the adoption of the ebXML Registry standard continues to escalate.

We as a team should feel very proud of the success of our standard.


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