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Subject: Re: [regrep] [TN Proposal] Mapping Business Information Models toebXML RegistryInformation Model (Was: [regrep] UN/CEFACT-ICG adopts freebXMLRegistry)


Yeah yeah yeah - same thing applies to Registry, ebSOA, and a host of 
other things OASIS is doing - guess
what we *are* the tip of the spear.

Five years ago people told me that XML/edi would never catch on and 
noone would understand how to use it
and they'd all do what Microsoft and IBM told them to do instead.

I'm strengthened by the knowledge that eventually people catch-up - and 
right now we are working 5 live project
uses of CAM and seems like every new week another one is turning up - so 
clearly adoption of jCAM is
accelerating.  And now BPEL supports jCAM in addition to BPSS already 
doing so.

But much more important than that - people using some other approach - 
are going to have to cover off how
their technology provides the equivalent functionality to jCAM - and I 
expect managers will not be happy if
what their developers are using is sub-optimal.

Cheers, DW
Duane Nickull wrote:

> David:
> There is one more thing to consider too.  I'll say this delicately as 
> to not  surprise you ...
> The entire world may not use jCAM.
> ;-)
> The truth of the matter is that there is a great value in CAM, however 
> for CEFACT to say
> <Accent type="en-UK">Ahh - CAM does those bits!</Accent>
> is a bit of a stretch at this point.
> Sorry to burst your bubble.
> Duane
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