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Subject: [regrep] Impact of ICG Adoption on CCRIM SC (Was: [regrep]UN/CEFACT-ICG adopts freebXML Registry)

Hi to all,
We've worked with UN/CEFACT ICG to redact the UN/CEFACT Repository
Strategy and at the meeting we have presented our Registry prototype.
This prototype allows users to store and retrieve French BIEs in an
ebXML RR for EDIFRANCE and it represents a major input for the UN/CEFACT
Repository Solution.
This project gave us experience on your questions. So we'll try now to
share our experience.

First of all we have to concentrate on UN/CEFACT's prototype real needs.
Our suggestions are:
-	Compliance with CCTS is the first fundamental point. 
We have to define the ebRIM components whose maps with Core Components
(ACC, BCC, ASCC, DT, CCT) and all their attributes. 
For example what will be in ebRIM the respective CCTS Unique Identifier,
version, Dictionary Entry Name... and of course their syntax ? Will be
the ASCC an ebRIM association, the ACC the ebRIM extrinsicObject or
other... ?
-	The goal of the registry is to manage the submission,
modification, validation, versioning, search and retrieve etc... of
stored components defined by UN/CEFACT.
-	Manage Workflow procedures between the UN/CEFACT groups (TBG,
ATG & ICG) for Business Specification and Technology Solution
transformation publication (ebXMLRR Notification ?)

RepXML prototype gives us a good vision about drawbacks and problems for
this purpose.

Best regards

R&D Engineer 
France Telecom R&D/BIZZ/PMX 

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