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Subject: Re: [regrep] Impact of ICG Adoption on CCRIM SC (Was:[regrep]UN/CEFACT-ICG adopts freebXML Registry)


Please take a look at the work of the Registry CC-Review Sub Committee.  
We have planned to give this work to CEFACT to advance this.


(need OASIS username and password to get in)

Duane Nickull


>Hi to all,
>We've worked with UN/CEFACT ICG to redact the UN/CEFACT Repository
>Strategy and at the meeting we have presented our Registry prototype.
>This prototype allows users to store and retrieve French BIEs in an
>ebXML RR for EDIFRANCE and it represents a major input for the UN/CEFACT
>Repository Solution.
>This project gave us experience on your questions. So we'll try now to
>share our experience.
>First of all we have to concentrate on UN/CEFACT's prototype real needs.
>Our suggestions are:
>-	Compliance with CCTS is the first fundamental point. 
>We have to define the ebRIM components whose maps with Core Components
>(ACC, BCC, ASCC, DT, CCT) and all their attributes. 
>For example what will be in ebRIM the respective CCTS Unique Identifier,
>version, Dictionary Entry Name... and of course their syntax ? Will be
>the ASCC an ebRIM association, the ACC the ebRIM extrinsicObject or
>other... ?
>-	The goal of the registry is to manage the submission,
>modification, validation, versioning, search and retrieve etc... of
>stored components defined by UN/CEFACT.
>-	Manage Workflow procedures between the UN/CEFACT groups (TBG,
>ATG & ICG) for Business Specification and Technology Solution
>transformation publication (ebXMLRR Notification ?)
>RepXML prototype gives us a good vision about drawbacks and problems for
>this purpose.
>Best regards
>R&D Engineer 
>France Telecom R&D/BIZZ/PMX 
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