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Subject: OASIS Registry Interop Demo - PPT for Tuesday event


I've put the PPT slides for tomorrow out at the following link:


Farrukh's original advice to me on the success of interop' still echos 
with me today as we
finalize the preparation for tomorrow. 

I cannot say that this has been an ideal process.  For future events we 
need to get this
much more clear upfront.  OASIS has now instigated a complete set of 
rules governing
Interop's that we need to work to.

Also - when there are more than one Interop involved - we need to 
somehow de-couple
our event - and notices, and announcements - so they can proceed at a 
proper pace.
Unfortuantely all our good early work has been undone by the diletary 
slowness of many
ofthe other participants in getting their act together.

Anyway - at least we have an Interop' - and I believe this is the most 
and compelling demonstration of ebXML components and OASIS 
specifications yet.

If you have the chance to attend - we very much look forward to seeing 
you there.

I do plan to record the session and Ken North has generously agreed to 
make the
session transcript available from his media site - so hopefully we will 
have some
post-event materials too.

Thanks, DW

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