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Subject: ebXML Registry Conformance Specification

As I our specs reach maturity in version 3 we need to produce a new 
specification called "ebXML Registry Conformance Specification 3.0".

Learning from [SAMLConform] I propose that the proposed specification 
define 2 Conformance levels each for:

a) A Registry Service Provider, and

b) A Registry Client

The conformance levels are:

1. Registry and Registry Lite

2. Registry Client and Registry Client Lite

The specification then defines a Feature Matrix that has a row for each 
normative feature in our specs and 4 columns (Registry, Registry Lite, 
Registry Client and Registry Client Lite).

The cells in the matrix should have MUST, MUST NOT and MAY as values for 
how the feature should be implemented (or not) in each column.

If we agree on the proposal then we need someone to be the editor for 
the new specification.  In order to scale better, it is highly desirable 
that this be done by someone who is not an editor for RIM or RS.

What do folks think? Please share thoughts and also indicate if you 
would be willing to commit to playing the editor role for version 3. 
Ideally we need the first draft during December time frame and my guess 
on expected effort for first draft is about 1 week. Subsequent drafts 
should be relatively low impact as they will require updating the 
feature matrix based on review and feedback.

*[SAMLConform]* P. Mishra et al. /Conformance Requirements for the OASIS 
Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) V2.0. /OASIS SSTC, September 
2004. Document ID sstc-saml-conformance-2.0-cd-02. 


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