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Subject: Mapping Registry Exceptions to SOAP Faults

During my implementation of freebXML Registry I have found that our 
specs need to define the algorithm by which Registry Exceptions and 
Errors are mapped to SOAP Faults in the SOAP Binding.

In the absence of a binding to SOAP Faults it is difficult to write 
decent error handling in Registry Client applications.
Often all you can do is check whether an error occurred or not but 
cannot easily determine the type of Error and take
Error specific actions.

I propose that we define a brief section (< 1 page) that describes a 
normative binding from Registry Errors / Exceptions to SOAP Faults.
If the TC agrees that this is a good idea then I will be glad if someone 
wishes to write the mapping spec. If not, then I will be glad to take 
the Action Item.


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