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Subject: Re: [regrep] OWL-S W3C Submission: Reference to ebXML

David Webber wrote:
>Seems like they were floundering around in the tunnel when their flashlight ran
>out and they missed the crown jewel at their feet...namely BPSS V2.
>Interestingly they sight my article in their references:-
> http://www.xml.org/xml/feature_articles/2000_1107_miller.shtml
>which clearly shows that ebXML predates web services, but everywhere their references
>allude to the reverse situation.

OWL-S is focused on Semantic Web Services so they can be expected to be biased
toward Web Services specifications.  This, of course, doesn't justify incorrect
or misleading statements.  

When the OWL-S notes were first submitted, I read this:
 >>  - Since OWL-S provides a language for the description of the behaviour of Web 
 >>services, its scope is complementary to that of ebXML. In fact, OWL-S descriptions 
 >>could themselves be used within ebXML to describe the business processes of 
 >>interacting Web services. 
and saw (as David did) that they must have completely missed BPSS.  The Note in which 
this bullet appears is supposed to outline the relationship, including overlaps, of 
OWL-S and other specifications.  Since this is clearly incorrect with respect to 
ebXML BPSS, I suggest that OASIS send an official note with suggested text to correct 
it.  If there are also statements that mis-represent the chronology of ebXML and
Web Services specs then I suggest that this be officially noted as well.  


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