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Subject: Draft abstract for OASIS Symposium submission - please review!

Attached is the draft abstract.  Please review and send comments by noon
on Monday, as the abstract is due on Monday!!  The name of the presenter
and bio must be submitted at the time the abstract is submitted.  I am
willing to be the presenter, unless someone else would like to do so.  I
(or whoever will be presenting) can probably use some help in
identifying the implementations we want to highlight.  The presentation
materials are not due until April 4th, so there is plenty of time to
work on those (assuming the abstract is accepted).  

Please note - the theme for the Symposium is The Future of XML
Vocabularies (see:

The topic areas are (must select one for the submission process):
*	Domain and Industry specific vocabularies
*	Schema extensibility, versioning, reuse, validation
*	Best Practices now and future (relates to development of domain
specific vocabularies)
*	B2B web services vocabularies and dependencies
*	Business process rules and policies (in implementation of XML
*	Semantic reasoning technology (mapping between domain-specific
XML vocabularies)
*	Internationalization and localization for XML Vocabularies...
*	Other (I believe our presentation would fall under Other, and
the topic listed for the presentation might be Implementations and
Lessons Learned).

An additional guideline related to presentation on spec work is:
Proposals related to current specification work, i.e., efforts underway
within OASIS TCs or other standards bodies, should emphasize the
development, usage, application, deployment, and interoperability
aspects, and future considerations, as opposed to merely summarizing the
specification work.
Should the abstract include something related to using a registry to
manage a vocabulary, or registering vocabulary mappings, and do we have
any implementation examples of this?  Should there be more emphasis in
the abstract on the sharing of information between entities and how an
ebXML registry enables this?

The Audience levels are: 
*	Technical
*	Implementation
*	Management
I would consider this presentation to be implementation.  Does that
sound right?

Please send comments ASAP so we can complete the submission by the
 <<Abstract for OASIS Symposium April 24.doc>> 

Kathryn Breininger
CENTRAL Project Manager
Emerging Technologies
Boeing Library Services

425-965-0182 phone
425-237-3491 fax

Abstract for OASIS Symposium April 24.doc

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