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Subject: Re: [regrep] Final draft recommendations for CC's and Registry -UML/UMM Profile for CCTS

Duane Nickull wrote:

>Consistent serialization and parsing of data element metadata IS and HAS 
>been a problem for machines.  UML is a two dimensional syntax concerned 
>with rendering (upon which implications of structure can be interpreted 
>by a human viewing the UML) and cannot be parsed accurately by an 
>application.  There is an underlying data model that the application 
>reads in order to present the UML is what we do need to standardize.
>Using XMI as you noted is one solution to this problem.  XMI does not 
>equal UML so I stand by my original statement.

It would be more correct to state that UML includes a two dimensional
notation which is used for people to create and present models to other
people.  UML also defines the modeling elements represented in this 
graphical notation, including their semantics.  It also specifies a
repository model for these elements.  The graphical notation is not
even required for human use of UML. Conrad Bock has written an article 
entitled "UML without Pictures" where he describes how a completely 
textual notation could also be used for creation and presentation of 
UML models among people.  

My point here is that UML is more than its graphical notation and some 
of the comments in this discussion make me wonder if that is understood
by this group.  The Diagram Interchange specification is utterly 
irrelevant to encoding the elements of a UML model, it's purpose is to
support exchange of presentation information between graphical tools.


Evan K. Wallace
Manufacturing Systems Integration Division

Evan K. Wallace

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