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Subject: Re: [regrep] RIMv2.6 Review, Sections 6-7

ewallace@cme.nist.gov wrote:

>Farrukh wrote:
>>I agree with your concern here with names like 
>>gasGuzzlersInc, yourDadsCarInc, bigBadAutoInc and 
>>yuppyEuroAutoInc being potentially offensive to someone.
>While I believe that political sensitivity is often taken
>too far*, in this case these terms are blatantly offensive
>and clearly inappropriate for a public specification 
>related to eBusiness (let alone something that is to be
>part of an official International Standard).  
>* Yes, the structure of this was meant to echo Joe's comment
>while at the same time the content stands in stark contrast.
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I understand the concern. So what are the alternatives to resolve this 

I propose that we do one of the following:

1. Keep the example as is

2. Replace Auto Co. names with Ford, GM, Chrylsler and BMW like it used 
to be in the earliest versions of the spec
and was changed due to concern regarding using real company names.

PS: It appears we are on track for posting the regrep-rim-3.0-draft-01 
and regrep-rs-3.0-draft-01 and accompanying files early in the week of 
January 3rd consistent with our latest plans.

Happy new year to all.


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