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Subject: RE: [regrep] Final draft recommendations for CC's and Registry - UML/UMM Profile for CCTS


> What is the end objective for the "UML to XML" within CEFACT ATG?

How we are going to generate XML schema for CEFACT from UML models.
> Obviously one side of this is potentially production rules 
> within UML that can output schema and templates such as CAM - 
> that carry the interchange rules.

Right - but consistent with a set of schema NDRs.  We want the schema to
look the same - regardless of the source.

> Obviously if such XML is of the transaction exchange nature - 
> then CEFACT ATG can shorten their development cycles by 
> potentially leveraging and extending the work that have 
> already been done with CAM.

I thought CAM was too busy solving world hunger :-)

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