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Subject: Re: [regrep] Preparation for our telecon on Thursday,January 13th at 8:00 am PT

Breininger, Kathryn R wrote:

>Hi!  Hope you all had relaxing holidays and are eager to jump back into
>our activities with renewed energy!
>The agenda for our next telecon will include discussion on the ebXML
>registry specs version 3.0.  Please review the documents that were
>posted last week
>regrep-3.0-draft-01.zip) and make notes of any sections that you would
>like to discuss at the telecon.  We will be addressing issues/comments
>during the discussion, so it is important that you review as much as
>possible prior to the meeting in order to make the best use of our
>meeting time.  You can also send comments to
>regrep@lists.oasis-open.org.  This will provide a history and tracking
>for comments.
>We will also discuss the timeline for the spec reviews and voting on
>these as TC approved specs.  Hopefully we will be ready to vote on and
>move to public review in the next few weeks! 
Team, Kathryn and I brainstormed on a timeline for the 3.0 spec 
finalization and approval process earlier today.
Here is my recollection from that discussion on the proposed plan:

-regrep-3.0-draft-01 distribution posted for review (1/4/2005)

-Discussion of regrep-3.0-draft-01 distribution in regrep TC meeting 

-Deadline for submitting all TC comments on regrep-3.0-draft-01 
distribution to regrep list (1/20/2005)

-regrep-3.0-draft-02 distribution posted for review to address issues 
identified (1/24/2005)

-Vote on approving regrep-3.0-draft-02 distribution as TC Approved 
regrep-3.0-cd-01 (1/27/2005)

We then submit regrep-3.0-cd-01 specs for OASIS public review during 
most of February (assuming we vote to approve doing so).
We then make any final changes to specs based upon public review 
feedback and submit for OASIS approval (assuming we vote to approve 
doing so).

The above timeline suggests that barring unforeseen circumstances we may 
get an OASIS Approved 3.0 spec sometime around late March 2005
time frame.

All of above plan is predicated on us doing a rigorous review during 
between now and January 20, 2005.
Thanks in advance for your support and help in helping us get the 3.0 
specs completed.

I look forward to your thoughts and comments.


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