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Subject: Re: [Fwd: [regrep] New ballot "Vote on cc-Review subteam report" (WASRE:[regrep] Standards approval process)]

Resending after fixing the subject per Joe's earlier suggestion.

Sorry I think it was me who replied to the wrong message at the begining 
of this thread. Please try and use the subject Joe started in response.



>I'm sorry but the mapping is not so simple:
>the better solution for ASCC and ASBIE is an ebRIM association or an
>extrinsic object ?
>do we need a dedicated registry object for BCC, BBIE, ASCC, ASBIE
>properties or an association is enough?
>Business Context will be a registry classification or an extrinsic
>object ?
I think Ivan touches on an important point above... That the fundemental
issue is the mapping between two information models:

a) The CCTS Information Model (source model)

b) The ebXML Registry Information Model (target model)

Both models are defined in UML and a mapping between the two should be
the main focus. Such a mapping should be an abstract mapping that is
independent of
Serialization or Storage formats at least initialy.

This whole debate about which comes first: Serialization format or
Storage format is not the core issue to debate IMHO.

Instead we should be debating on the mapping issues between the two
models (see Iva's examles above) and using the ebXML Registry Tutorial:


as a key input when trying solution to mapping problems.

BTW, is any one able to take Editorship of above document from me as I
have become a bottleneck on that document? Ivan, would you be interested
given that you and your colleagues have been using this document since
its earliest version and have some practical experience with its content?



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