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Subject: [continuation] CCTS discuss - To serialize of not to serialize? Duane/Ivan


And the other questions are "What would I use it for, and how?".

It's not that this is holding up adoption - but that this is the
essence here between a design time modelling technology
and a runtime implementation solution.

OK that is 52 words before I mention CAM.  The road
to adoption at runtime IMHO is through CAM and its
support for CCTS into the model layer.

Here's the link to the presentation I gave at DHS on
Friday around this - with examples:


I also intend to post the "reader's digest" executive version of this -
since the above
is comprehensive and technical focused.

Enjoy, DW

> The question you should ask your self is this
> "If someone sends me a core component, what will I get?"
> That is holding up adoption.
> Duane

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