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Subject: Re: [regrep] Action Items for Thursday, January 20th

Breininger, Kathryn R wrote:

>Please continue the review and send any comments regarding the RIM and
>the RS.  Our goal is to wrap up discussion and determine if we are ready
>to start the approval process for these documents.
To add to Kathryn's thoughts above...

In our meeting on Thursday, Januray 20th we will review the 
regrep-rs-3.0-draft-01 (RS) spec. We completed
initial review of regrep-rim-3.0-draft-01 (RIM) in last weeks meeting.

Since the RS spec is about twice the size of RIM spec I propose we allbe 
better prepared for the meeting by taking the following steps:

-Send issues / questions in advance of the meeting ASAP

-Join the meeting on time and start the review no later than 10 minutes 
past the start time

-Keep no other agenda items ahead of the review. Leave additional items 
as oportunistic if we have time at the end

-Choose minute taker in advance of meeting via email based upon 
Kathryn's record (this is a suggestion for ongoing process improvement)

-Make the meeting a 2 hour meeting (for that day only)

Sound reasoanble? Any other suggestions?

The goal is to finish the review of the RS spec and then leave 15 
minutes atthe end to decide on next steps wit the approval process.

Download Document:  

View Document Details:

Document Description:

This zip file contains the artifacts for the ebXML Registry 3.0 Draft 01
distribution. The directories are as follows:

schema: Contains XML Schema (xsd) files
services: Contains WSDL files
specs: Contains RIM and RS 3.0 draft 01 specs
sql: Contains SQL schema


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