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regrep message

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Subject: RS 3.0 Comments

A few more RS 3.0 comments.

    Line 521
    "... Note that it is possible for a Web browser to access a service that is a Registry Client 
    (not shown in figure) as is the case in a thin-client GUI..."
    Not sure what this means.

2.1.1 RegistryRequestType and
2.1.3 RegistryResponseType

Add slots to the RegistryRequests and RegistryResponses?
   Slots are "dynamically added attributes". 
   The formal meanings of added slots to the RegistryRequest or RegistryResponse is known to the 
   creator of the slots only. How can Registry understand the meaning of the slots and perform 
   an appropriate processing of the request and response?
    Why are object updates included in the SubmitObjectsRequest when we already have 
    a separate UpdateObjectsRequest?

    Why contentVersionInfo attribute is not defined as a standard ExtrinsicObject attribute?
    There is no formal definition of composed objects. A full list of these objects 
    is not presented either.

  Line 2514 
For each event that transpires in the registry, if the registry supports event notification 
it MUST check all registered and active Subscriptions and see if any Subscriptions match the event. 
If a match is found then the registry performs the Notification Actions required for the Subscription.   

Assume that you have "M" registry users and all of them have average number of 
"N" Subscriptions what gives you "MxN" as a rounded total number of Subscriptions defined and 
supported in the Registry. Each of these Subscriptions contain a Selector that is a reference 
to a stored AdHocQuery Registry needs to execute to find out if any of the Subscriptions match 
the event just happened. In addition to the security checks we discussed last time we also have 
additional MxN queries to be executed for almost each single registry 
object insert, update or remove and also send a notification (email or specified service) if 
it belongs to that event. This is going to have a significant impact on the Registry implementation 
performance. I just want to raise this as an issue and see if we can do something in this or next spec 
releases regarding these performance issues.

Can we, for example, specify that Subscriptions are checked after each Registry request executed 
instead of each event (insert, update, remove) taking place? A Registry request can include many 
objects submits, updates or removes (events) and it must succeed or fail as a "unit". That is also 
an additional reason to check the Subscriptions after the successfull completion of the requests. 

An Additional RIM Comment

- UUIDs used for registry types (object types, association types, etc.). 
    Is it possible to also support a real registry type names that are the "code" attribute of the 
    ClassificationNodes in the registry types' ClassificationSchemes. If a Registry user 
    wants to send a "manually" created request to the registry it could be inconvenient to 
    provide all these UUIDs for the types used in the registry request. Registry would 
    verify "the real registry type name" during the processing of the request.

Spelling and other errors

    Registry Guest description
       "... A user f the registry ..."
    Line 544
    "... All Registry Client ..."

    Line 737
    "... a abstract ..."
    Line 755
    "... the the rerquest ..."
    Line 777
    "..., a the SOAP Binding is definee ... "

    Line 807
    ... defines the a concrete ...
    Line 826
    "...during the processing 722 of the ..", and 
    Lines 1301, 1344, 1404
    "... 2.1.4for details ..."
    Line 1568
    "... "true" or "False" ..." (both capital or low case)
    Line 1578
    "... Life Cycle Management protocols ... "
    should be replaced with
    "... Query Management protocols ..."
    Line 1625
    "... 6.2.1for ..."
    Line 1944
    "... MUSTextend ..."

    Line 2070
    "... a integer value..."    
    Line 2082
    "... to match a the timestamp ..."
    Line 2163
    "... defined defined ... domain class that satisfy (satisfies) ..."
    Line 2173
    "... shows the how ..."

    Line 2636
    "... is one tha was..."
    Line 3218
    "... query is to other ..."
    Line 3224
    "... its non-stored formed and replaced ..."

    Line 3612
    "... A Registered User and sends..."
    Enhanced Client Proxy (ECP) description
    last line:
    ".. Client that users SOAP..."
    Service Provider (SP)

    Line 4029
    "... the the various ..."
    Line 4037
    "... The Registry is participates ..."

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