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regrep message

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Subject: RS 3.0 draft review

Here is what I could find to be fixed (RS draft 2).


Diego Ballve
Digital Artefacts Europe
RS review (specs/regrep-rim-3.0-draft-01.pdf):

- line 451: extra space in "EXAMPLE_ SERVICE_ID"

- section 1.4.2: schemas used by the registry: add:

wsse: http://docs.oasis-open.org/wss/2004/01/oasis-200401-wss-wssecurity-secext-1.0.xsd
wsu:  http://docs.oasis-open.org/wss/2004/01/oasis-200401-wss-wssecurity-utility-1.0.xsd

- section 1.5: Table: typo: "Publsiher"

- publisher x submitter: I prefer publisher in the sense that it is easier to grasp the idea.

- line 508: typo "schema.r"

- line 533: extra space "of  metadata"

- line 554: typo "inetrafces"

- line 564/565: check font

- section 2.1.4: check title

- line 696: missing reference for ErrorType

- line 796: typo " a the SOAP Binding is definee for "

- line 797/798: rephrase to "For each portType corresponding to a registry service interface and defined in [RR-INT-WSDL], a <binding> element is defined with name <ServiceInterfaceName>Binding"

- line 849: typo "722"

- section 4.1.1, 4.1.2: Support both URL parameter "id" x "param-id"?

- section 4.1.3: Reason for HTTP interface not to support LCM is that it requires POST? Well, some operations, but i would rephrase that. <-------------------------

- line 963-978: duplicate text

- section 4.2.1: Publisher defined URL must be unique: define behavior when it is not,

- line 1022: typo "Similary"

- Section 4.3: how to handle names that contain "/"? It should be scaped somehow.
  Which language to use? All, I suppose, unless specified?
  What if same object is matched in more than 1 language? Or mnore than 1 version?
- line 1128: "lifecycle", when not a name, should be life cycle.

- line 1129: extra space "the  Lifecycle"

- line 1195 "SOAP or [ebMS] Message", does ebMS have to appear there?

- line 1396: missing reference

- line 1613: use same case: "true" or "False"

- line 2091: extra space ".  A registy MUST"

- line 2278: should "acme" be "Acme", like i the sql and in the description paragraph?

- section example is incomplete/missleading since it will find objects classified as ...industry/automotive but not as ...industry/automotive/passengercar, for instance. Use complete query as in FreebXML implementation or add a disclaiment note to that section.

- line 2533: typo "Protcols"

- line 2551: strange space (reference?)

- section 7.3: plumbing classification, same coment as section, but here the plain English description excludes nested concepts.

- section 7.3.3: what happens if the policy chanhes after subscription has been submitted?

- line 2759: typo "one tha was"

- line 3083: "cataloged" -> "validated"?

- line 3123: typo "InavlidContentException"

- line 3360: iterate query and federation: totalResultCount =  (totalResultCount1 + ... + totalResultCountN)?? Not clearly written there. Also, the query behavior is not clear, it seems to me that you would never get to some of the results. 

- Section 9.2.7: Federation and Security: how is the user resolved? is it fetched from another registry if not local? It is needed for roles and groups checking, for instance.

- line 3757: typo "A Registered User and sends"

- Section 10.1.3: Repository Item: in-registry security relies on XACML. Message security, on SwA. If in-registry must be stored encrypted then client encrypts/decrypts it, and registry cannot do much but to store it.

- line 3805/3806: no more RepositoryItem Signature.

- Section attachments will also be signed w/ message signature.

- Section 10.3.4: Key Distribution: Registry could publish its public key through HTTP/S interface.

- Section 10.4 and subsections: This section can be shrinked a lot:
  No more mime multipart
  No more special RepositoryItem signature (it is included in the message signature)
  Maybe include an example of signature for message w/ attachement.
- line 4108: typo "Authenticatied"

- When talking about pruning audit trail, specially old items go first, the oldest of them is probably a create event. That cannot be deleted because id defines ownership!!

- line 4209: typo "The Resgistry is participates"

- section 11.7: External Users: no references to = External Users cannot use LCM, only query, right?

- line 4387: extra space "NLS ."

- line 4389: typo "Protcols"

- line 4474: my old typo: change "Exemplo the Custom ACP" to "Exemplo de ACP customizado"

- line 4515: typo "regsitry"

- line 4521: typo "confromance"

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