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Subject: Re: [regrep] was Reg/Rep 1/20/2005: Comments on ebRS v3.0 Draft

Diego Ballve wrote:

> Monica J. Martin wrote:
> > [general] Should we consider breaking out the SAML profile similar to
> > how WS-Security OASIS has approached the use of token profiles? One
> > editorial motivator for asking this is the document is getting very
> > long. Some of the specialized, advanced functions could be held in
> > separate documents/appendices/etc.
> +1. I also prefer the Divide Et Impera approach.
> I'd already suggested to Farrukh to consider moving RIM chapter 9 
> (Access Control Information Model) out from RIM document. Besides the 
> title (..Information Model) that chapter is long and has little in 
> common with the other chapters in that document from the perspective 
> that it does not define new RIM classes.
> Of course the tradeoffs must be considered, i.e., there'd be one more 
> document to maintain - but i still think it is easier to maintain 
> small parts than a big junk.
> Diego
While the idea may make sense long term I would prefer we not make such 
structural changes this late in version 3.0 as I have little time to do 
this. Lets focus on content and get it right and approved and we will 
revisit form in version 4. Anyone have strong objections to leaving it 
as is for version 3?


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