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Subject: Re: [regrep] was Reg/Rep 1/20/2005: Comments on ebRS v3.0 Draft

Farrukh Najmi wrote:
> Diego Ballve wrote:
>> Monica J. Martin wrote:
>> > [general] Should we consider breaking out the SAML profile similar to
>> > how WS-Security OASIS has approached the use of token profiles? One
>> > editorial motivator for asking this is the document is getting very
>> > long. Some of the specialized, advanced functions could be held in
>> > separate documents/appendices/etc.
>> +1. I also prefer the Divide Et Impera approach.
>> I'd already suggested to Farrukh to consider moving RIM chapter 9 
>> (Access Control Information Model) out from RIM document. Besides the 
>> title (..Information Model) that chapter is long and has little in 
>> common with the other chapters in that document from the perspective 
>> that it does not define new RIM classes.
>> Of course the tradeoffs must be considered, i.e., there'd be one more 
>> document to maintain - but i still think it is easier to maintain 
>> small parts than a big junk.
>> Diego
> While the idea may make sense long term I would prefer we not make such 
> structural changes this late in version 3.0 as I have little time to do 
> this. Lets focus on content and get it right and approved and we will 
> revisit form in version 4. Anyone have strong objections to leaving it 
> as is for version 3?

Sounds reasonable. Lets add it to next version TODO.

Diego Ballve
Digital Artefacts Europe

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