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Subject: [RS Issue] Allowing non UUID, URN values for RegistryObject.id

Matt commented on regrep-rs-3.0-draft-01.pdf section 5.1.2 where it says 
"The id MUST be a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) and MUST conform 
to the format of a URN that specifies a DCE 128 bit UUID as specified in 
[UUID]" as follows:

"There are certain situations where it may be necessary for a registry 
to specify an ID That is not dce 128.  For example, in Adobe's 
implementation, all user information comes from our Policy Server, and 
it has its own IDs.  we use a namespace to indicate this, e.g. 
urn:aps:node:87787887878787.  This section should be lenient to this."

I have long felt that we should relax the id attribute to allow any URN 
and require that the registry check for uniqueness within the local 
registry during submission. In a federated situation the local id is 
implictly qualified by the home attribute value for the home registry so 
that would allow global uniqueness.

Does anyone object to the change that allows RegistryObject.id to be any 
URN value that is unique within the local registry? If so please 
indicate your reasons clearly and indicate whether you could live with 
this change if others felt it was needed. Thanks.


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