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Subject: Request for special meetings

Hi Kathryn,

First thank you for setting up all the special meetings we have had. We 
are making great progress in reviewing 3.0 specs thanks to that. We 
still have about half of RS and all of XML Schema, SQL Schema and WSDL 
to finish reviewing. This will require at least 3-4 meetings based on my 
calculation. I would like to check with you and the TC on the 
possibility of having special meeting in close proximity (say a 1.5 hour 
meeting 4 days in a row). I know how difficult it is to find available 
times when everyone is free but we can do our best.

May I suggest the following modified plan:

-Tuesday 1/25 7AM-8:30AM PT (Finish RS Review)

-Wednesday 1/26 7AM-8:30AM PT (Review XML Schema)

-Thursday 1/27 8:30AM-9:30AM PT (previously scheduled, Review SQL Schema 
and WSDL, Farrukh posts draft 02 addressing all comments received)

-Friday 1/28 7AM-8:30AM PT (Review changes in draft 02, Voice vote on TC 
approval of draft 02)

IMHO, as long as we have quorum for each meeting we should schedule it 
even if there are folks that cannot make it.
Those that cannot make it could send their comments via email in advance 
for email discussion.

Above proposed plan would allow us to

What do you and TC members think? If this plan is acceptable then I 
would suggest that people respond to this thread with one message 
indicating  which of above meetings they cannot attend.

PS: I can make each of the meetings proposed above. Thanks.


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