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Subject: Re: [regrep] [RS Issue] HTTP connection taking longer than TTL

Farrukh Najmi wrote:

> Matthew MacKenzie wrote:
>> Farrukh,
>> I haven't hashed out a solution as of yet, but I was thinking along 
>> the lines of adding  optional mutually authenticated SSL to the 
>> Federation protocol.  This way, all members of a federation would be 
>> trusted by virtue of their connections to each and other being 
>> encrypted using keys that are trusted.  Some kind of self signed 
>> certificate exchange like is done in ebMS might just allow us to cut 
>> down some of the processing and comm (SSL/TLS can also do some 
>> compression) overhead.
> Good point.
> SSL based communication between Registry Client and Registry is 
> already specified in section 10.3.1. I assume most 
> registry-to-registry communication *WILL* be over SSL. Does that 
> address the issue?

Technically, yes, but I think we should mention that if 
registry-to-registry communication is via mutually authenticated SSL, 
requests and responses should not be signed.


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