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Subject: Re: [regrep] [RS Issue] HTTP connection taking longer than TTL

Matthew MacKenzie wrote:

> Farrukh Najmi wrote:
>> Matthew MacKenzie wrote:
>>> Farrukh,
>>> I haven't hashed out a solution as of yet, but I was thinking along 
>>> the lines of adding  optional mutually authenticated SSL to the 
>>> Federation protocol.  This way, all members of a federation would be 
>>> trusted by virtue of their connections to each and other being 
>>> encrypted using keys that are trusted.  Some kind of self signed 
>>> certificate exchange like is done in ebMS might just allow us to cut 
>>> down some of the processing and comm (SSL/TLS can also do some 
>>> compression) overhead.
>> Good point.
>> SSL based communication between Registry Client and Registry is 
>> already specified in section 10.3.1. I assume most 
>> registry-to-registry communication *WILL* be over SSL. Does that 
>> address the issue?
> Technically, yes, but I think we should mention that if 
> registry-to-registry communication is via mutually authenticated SSL, 
> requests and responses should not be signed.

Agreed. I have replaced with following text:

"9.2.7 Federations and Security

Federated operations abide by the same security rules as standard 
operations against a single registry. However, federation operations 
often require registry-to-registry communication. Such communication is 
governed by the same security rules as a Registry Client to registry 
communication. The only difference is that the requesting registry plays 
the role of Registry Client. Such registry-to-registry communication 
SHOULD be conducted over a secure channel such as HTTP/S. Federation 
members SHOULD be part of the same SAML Federation if member registries 
implement the Registry SAML Profile described in chapter 11."

Also added: SOAP Message Security and HTTP/S

When using HTTP/S between a Registry Client and a registry, SOAP message 
security MUST NOT be used. Specifically:


      The Registry Client MUST NOT sign the request message or any
      repository items in the request.


      The registry MUST NOT verify request or RepositoryItem signatures.


      The registry MUST NOT sign the response message or any repository
      items in the response.


      The Registry Client MUST NOT verify response or RepositoryItem

Let me know if this is an adequate resolution of the issue. Thanks.

> -Matt
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