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Subject: RE: Request for special meetings

Farrukh Najmi wrote:
 > -Tuesday 1/25 7AM-8:30AM PT (Finish RS Review)
 > -Wednesday 1/26 7AM-8:30AM PT (Review XML Schema)
 > -Thursday 1/27 8:30AM-9:30AM PT (previously scheduled, Review SQL
 >  Schema and WSDL, Farrukh posts draft 02 addressing all comments
 >  received)
 > -Friday 1/28 7AM-8:30AM PT (Review changes in draft 02, Voice vote
 >  on TC approval of draft 02)

I think a few extra meetings might be worth the effort now, to move 
forward fast, solve the issues left and get 3.0 out.

I can attend Tue an Wed meetings for sure. I'll be travelling on Thu/Fri 
so not sure about those but I'll try.

We should include SOAP Message Security updates on Tuesday's meeting 
agenda, since changes draft 1 was incomplete - regarding attachments.


Diego Ballve
Digital Artefacts Europe

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