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Subject: [Meeting Minutes] RS Spec review special meeting 1/25/2005

Date: 1/25/2005
Who: Farrukh, Kathryn, Diego, Goran, Ivan, Carl, Peter
What: Finish review of RS draft 01 spec

We started review of RS spec from Chapter 6: Query Management Protocols 
and completed review of RS draft 01 by the end of the meeting.
The following issues were discussed and resolved.

    * Diego: 6.6:  Make note in Query Examples where relevant, that
      query is not matching sub-nodes of specified ClassificationNodes
      and needs to be  more general/complex to match sub-nodes.
          o Resolution: Agreed to add clarification in relevant spots
    * Diego: 7.3.3:  What happens if a change in Access Control Policy
      (ACP) no longer allows an existing subscriber to subscribe to
      events they are already subscribed to.
          o Resolution: OK for existing subscriptions to continue to be
            honored and only restrict future subscriptions. Spec should
            say it is undefined and impl dependent.
    * Diego: 7.7: Mention that Create event MUST not be purged because
      it established ownership of object by a User
          o Resolution: Agreed to add clarification
    * Farrukh: Chapter 8: CMS: Need to simplify description in version
      4. Content OK.
          o Resolution: defer to version 4
    * Diego: Iterative federated query behavior not clear
          o Resolution: Agreed that intended behavior works fine. Diego
            to suggest revised text for Iterative federated query behavior
    * Matt (in absentia): 11.7 Resolve internal vs. external user
          o Resolution: Address in version 4. No change in version 3 as
            SAML is not required in version 3.
    * Kathryn: 13.2: Why do we have MUST NOT instead of MAY for some
      features in Registry Lite column
          o Resolution: Replace MUST NOT with MAY
    * Goran: RIM issue: Can we use user friendly names instead of ids in
      reference attribute values
          o Resolution: Since id's can now be any unique URN (including
            user friendly ones) this is no longer an issue.
    * Kathryn: We will not count special meetings towards voter
      eligibility since not all members are able to attend.
          o All agreed

Thank you everyone for a productive meeting. Please make every attempt 
to attend tomorrow's meeting which will review the XML Schema for version 3.
The XML Schema files are in the spec distribution zip file under schema 


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