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Subject: Re: [regrep] Inner joins using Entry level SQL-1992

Richard Martell wrote:

> Hi
> The question came up during the last telecon about expressing joins
> using SQL in ebRS. It appears that ebRS 6.4.1 _does_ allow (inner)
> joins, since SQLTableList can have more than one table reference. But
> this is non-normative. The preamble in 6.4 (which should be incorporated
> into a new normative subsection 6.4.1) is normative, however, and
> doesn't appear to rule out (inner) joins either. It requires the use
> of Entry-level SQL-1992 only.
> This is the classic formulation of an inner join supported by
> Entry-level SQL-92:
> SELECT TableA.Field1, TableB.Field2, blah, blah
> FROM TableA, TableB
> WHERE TableA.Field1=TableB.Field2
> However, this conformance level does _not_ encompass the following
> syntax (which is allowed in Intermediate SQL); it should produce
> the same results:
> SELECT TableA.Field1, TableB.Field2, blah, blah
> ON TableA.Field1=TableB.Field2
Thanks for the research Richard.

It is the above syntax supported by Intermediate SQL that we are after.
This would mean that to support normatively the above syntax we would
at least have to change the normative description to change from 
"Entry-level SQL-92"
to "Intermediate SQL-92".

If above change would require another 30 day review cycle then the 
cost/benefit does not seem
to be worth it. What do people think? Should this be considered a major 
change? If so is it
worth another 30 day review cycle?


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