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Subject: Item 2 of the submission package

Below is the draft I have put together for item 2. "A clear
English-language summary of the specification". After reviewing a number
of earlier submission packages for SAML, XACML, etc., it appears that
generally a short paragraph is used to describe the specs followed by a
couple paragraphs describing the history of approvals of earlier
versions and significant new features or functionality available with
the new version.  I reviewed information from our email discussions of
enhancements and new features, content in the OASIS announcement for
public review and from the coverpages article to make sure I didn't miss
any key items.  This may be too long, so I would like to avoid making it
much longer.  However, if there is something you feel is key that should
be mentioned or included, please let me know ASAP.

The ebXML Registry provides a stable store where submitted content and
the metadata used to describe that content is managed and is made
persistent. Such information is used to facilitate business to business
relationships and transactions. In the business to business context,
submitted content includes but is not limited to XML schema and
documents, process descriptions, ebXML Core Components, context
descriptions, UML models, information about organizations, and software
components. An ebXML Registry is capable of storing any type of
electronic content including XML documents, text, images, or sound.
Metadata is used to describe the stored content and is defined in the
Registry Information Model (RIM). Submitted content is stored in the
content repository provided by the ebXML Registry. The interface to the
Registry is defined in the Registry Services and Protocols (RS)
document. It provides a set of services that enable sharing of content
and metadata between organizations.  The RS defines the services
provided by an ebXML Registry and the protocols used by clients to
interact with these services.
The version 2.0 RIM and RS specifications were approved as OASIS
Standards in May 2002, and ISO approved them as ISO 15000 part 3 and
part 4 standards in March 2004. Version 3.0 of RIM and RS add
considerable functionality over version 2.0.  New functionality
available in version 3.0 include registry federation and federated
queries, which enable clients to discover information stored in any of
multiple federated registries through one search. To meet the needs for
security in a federated environment, version 3.0 utilizes the OASIS SAML
2.0 specifications for identity management, authentication and single
sign on across the members. The OASIS XACML 1.0 standard is leveraged to
provide access control policies and OASIS WSS Soap Message Security 1.0
is used to secure the registry's SOAP protocol using digital
Extensible service interfaces and protocols are defined in version 3.0
as plugins to an ebXML Registry that provide content cataloging services
and content validation services.  The version 3.0 also provides managed
version control through the registry.  A new HTTP binding to the ebXML
Registry Services interfaces is defined using a REST style architecture.
This enables any content or meta data in the registry to be accessible
over an HTTP URL using a standard web browser.  A Parameterized Stored
Query feature allows a complex query to be stored in the registry in
parameterized form. To invoke the query, the client provides some or all
of the query parameters, usually using a web form to fill in the
parameters and submit the query. Other query improvements include
iterative queries, content based queries, and improved filter query
In version 3.0 subscriptions may be created by the user for
content-based event notification of specific events of interest.
Notification is sent to a web service or an email address.  Additional
new features include extensibility of registry protocol for defining new
types of requests and responses, incorporation of user defined domain
specific taxonomies, and the ability to group related content artifacts
in packages.
End draft.

Please review and let me know of any requested changes.


Kathryn Breininger
CENTRAL Project Manager
Emerging Technologies
Boeing Library Services

425-965-0182 phone
425-237-3491 fax

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