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Subject: Re: [regrep] What is an ebXML Registry


>And some times it dips too...
>IMHO if we are able tu manage business information surely we are able to manage several other kind of information, and applications. But first of all I think that the ebXML Registry specifications could be focused and specialised for business objects (like CPP/A, BP, CC for example). 
>"Federated, Secure (business) Information Management"
Respectfully I disagree.

The specs obviously have been designed from the begining to be artifact 
They do not know nor care about the distinctions between

"Business Information" artifacts and
 "non-Business Information" artifacts.

So why should core definition make that distinction. It is misleading
as people may think ebXML Registry is only good for managing
"Business Information" artifacts. Which is clearly not the case.

My view is that the agreed upon core and most minimal definition
of ebXML Registry will then result in downstream detailed messaging
and description which could give adequate coverage to Business Artifact
management use case.

Recall, that I said, in my expreience the vast majority of users of ebXML
Registry use it for managing artifacts other than "Business Information" 

The suggested change would leave these people out in the cold.


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