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Subject: Re: [regrep] What is an ebXML Registry

David Webber (XML) wrote:

>I'm agreeing with you, and also with Farrukh!
>What people miss though is that the ebXML RIM has key tools in
>there to manage the ebusiness artifacts - that would not be in there
>in just a "generalized" solution.

>We sell ourselves dramatically short if we do not highlight the
>key strengths of ebXML Registry.   So we do need to have the
>broad message - but then buttress that with assertions about
>the key applicability to ebusiness.
I think MAY be able to address this by defining Profiles for various 
focused use cases.
We have already done so in an ad hoc way with "Registering Web Services" 
and "WSRP".

We need a formal Profile mechanism and then apply this to all the 
profiles including the
ebXML related ones.

>A broad use-case message is impossibly tough to carry-off,
>not least because people do *not* recognize when they could
>be using ebXML registry.  They will more often reject the
>potential use case on lack of examples in their own domain.
>That may not make sense - but it is just reality.
I agree that most people will not grok a broad use case.

However, when we talk about our minimal definition it is different.
People seem to be quite OK withj a basic open ended definition like:

"Federated, Secure Information Management"

When it comes to use cases it is is an entirely different story.
Use cases have to be very specific and MUST have specific
Actors, Roles etc. defined.

So I think we should have:

a) a broad and simple definition

b) Several key use cases that are narrowly focused and have ample detail 

(a) would certainly influence what is or is not included in (b).
(b) would be the basis for future regrep profiles that we may approve.

>You have to appeal to specific core audiences as a power-base.
>And while it is true there is a foundation set of functions in
>registry that can be broadly utilized - we have to understand
>too that those have been built and architected with certain
>specific use case areas in mind.... we need to share that
>information with adopters - and probably in the form of
>a catalogue of PDF files that document existing uses of
>registry - advantages, lessons learned, results delivered.


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