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Subject: Comments regarding UN/CEFACT Registry WD (0.5)

Hi all,

Some comments regarding the latest working draft follow.

* since the UN/CEFACT document is based on ebRS and extends it (workflow
   management, new content types, custom APIs, etc.), a more appropriate
   title might be something like this:

   "The UN/CEFACT profile of the OASIS ebXML Registry Service"

* line 196: Change "feeding procedure" to "Submission procedure"
   (also title of section 5.2)

* the conformance clause (2.4) is pretty weak--it should consolidate
   all conformance requirements in the document: e.g.,
     - line 400 regarding federations;
     - line 811 regarding ebRIM mappings;
     - line 844 regarding packaging;
     - constraints listed in 6.4.1;
     - mandatory capabilities from 10.2

* will conformance testing be required in the future to verify the
   behavior of UN/CEFACT registry services? If so, then the inclusion
   of an abstract test suite may be warranted

* in, perhaps substitute "Classification schemes" or
   "Dictionaries" for "Directories", since these items are all kinds of
   code lists and controlled vocabularies. Are these mapped to
   ebRIM classification schemes in some manner? (line 965 doesn't
   address this)

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