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Subject: Re: [regrep] regrep speed date

Chiusano Joseph wrote:
> Given that the term "matchmaker" is often used in semantic technologies 
> to denote actions by inference agents, is it possible that we mean to 
> use a different term here?

The slide doesn't actually use the term--that's just my own 
characterization of its role. A registry can certainly facilitate 
semantic matchmaking. Consider this blurb about the "The OWL-S Matchmaker":

The Matchmaker is also a web service that helps make connections between
service requesters and service providers. The Matchmaker serves as a
"yellow pages" of service capabilities. The Matchmaker allows users
and/or software agents to find each other by providing a mechanism for
registering service capabilities. Registration information is stored as
advertisements. When the Matchmaker agent receives a query from a user
or another software agent, it searches its dynamic database of
advertisements for agents that can fulfill the incoming request(s).
Thus, the Matchmaker also serves as a liaison between a service
requester and a service provider.

So matchmaker doesn't seem too out of place, even if _semantic_ 
matchmaking pushes the envelope at the experimental/academic end of
the spectrum.

Another possibility is the "Trader" concept from RM-ODP. Or we just
do without a pithy, public role name :-(


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