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Subject: TR: [CEFACT-ICG-RR:18] UN/CEFACT Registry issues

Title: UN/CEFACT Registry issues

Dear TC,

as you can see in the forwarded email, the UN/CEFACT ICG RR list has scheduled conferences call to discuss on UN/CEFACT Registry issues (don't worry I won't be the "master of the ceremony" :).

These conferences are open to everyone and discussions are on the ICG RR mailing list. 

Subscription information for the ml are available at this address:
Best regards,

R&D Engineer
France Telecom R&D Division


De : owner-cefact-icg-rr@unicc.org [mailto:owner-cefact-icg-rr@unicc.org] De la part de BOURGE Fabrice RD-BIZZ-CAE
Envoyé : mardi 5 avril 2005 11:47
Objet : [CEFACT-ICG-RR:18] UN/CEFACT Registry issues

Dear all,

Following our meeting in Kuala Lumpur please find enclosed the list of outstanding issues on the UN/CEFACT Registry Specification that were identified. All contributions on the subjects in question will be appreciated.

<<UNCEFACT Registry issues_March 2005.doc>>
Please note also that the disposition of comments on the UN/CEFACT Registry Spec V0.5 is now available on the ICG website under the Documents/Download section ( http://www.disa.org/cefact-groups/icg ).

In order to progress on these issues that will be discussed on the ICG-RR list, a one-hour conference call will take place the last Wednesday of every month. The proposed starting time for these conference calls is 13:00 UTC (which corresponds currently to 6:00 Pacific Standard Time, 9:00 Central Standard Time, 15:00 Central European Time, 21:00 Hong-Kong and Taiwan time, 22:00 Korean time). We'll inform you later of the logon details.

The first conference call will thus take place on Wednesday, April 27, 2005.


UNCEFACT Registry issues_March 2005.doc

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