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Subject: Re: [regrep] ebXML Registry lightning round.ppt - Please comment!

Chiusano Joseph wrote:

>My recommendations:
>- Between slides 2 and 3, include a slide that answers the basic
>question "What is an ebXML Registry?" (lift from the top paragraph of
>ebRIM or ebRS 3.0). If this is not enough for an entire slide,
>incorporate into slide 3.
>- Slide 4: Add dates for review and call for vote (top bullet)
>- Slide 5: Add the following features (feel free to lift directly out of
>the early slides in the attached presentation I gave last month to the
>federal XML CoP on our V3 enhancements): 
>Registry Managed Version Control
>Content Management Services
>- Slide 5: Consider categorizing enhancements (see attached
>presentation) - e.g. SAML/XACML can go under a general "Security
>Enhancements" bullet". May consider using a table for better
mm1: Many of the suggestions from Joe and others are valuable. Remember 
though that the brief is to be limited to 2-3 slides and that means the 
verbal delivery will fill in any details (prompted by audience questions 
and to highlight specific points). I would suggest we get to the core of 
information in 3 slides and make sure what is there counts. Thanks.

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