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Subject: Re: [regrep] Lightning round ppt question

Farrukh Najmi wrote:
> Diego Ballve wrote:
>> Breininger, Kathryn R wrote:
>>> The graphic in the ppt may not be representing the whole picture as well
>>> as it should.  The references to services in the diagram may imply to
>>> folks that the registry is only for registering services, missing the
>>> rich capability to register any type of asset, including services.
>>> Perhaps we should use a higher level graphic?  Would it be better to use
>>> Figure 1 from the RS, which shows a simplified view of ebXML Registry
>>> architecture?
>> I don't think so. We already describe the parts (as features) in slide
>> 4. Given the limited number of slides, I find a picture telling "what is
>> it for" more appealing than "how is it organized". I think if the
>> audience gets interested in the business value of regrep they will
>> search and find more about the architecture.
> +1
> The registry does the following 3 core things for any type of artifact:
> -Publish
> -Governance / Management
> -Discovery
> Here are some end user use cases that we should try and capture in the
> picture:
> -Web Service Artifcats (WSDL, XML Schema) Publish, Governance and Discovery
> -ebXML Core Components Publish, Governance and Discovery
> -WSRP Artifacts (Portlet and Producer Services Descriptions) Publish,
> Governance and Discovery
> -Publish, Governance and Discovery of eForms and their data
> -Operational data store for web services (run time usage by a web
> service to store/discover its application specific content)
> Now if the picture could show the above artifacts in the registry and
> arrows from those artifacts to a box showing the use case that would be
> good.
> For example, one could show a Core Component Assembly tool as a box and
> show it connected to a CC box inside registry. Hope this gets the idea
> across. Diego, is this what you had in mind?

Cool, that goes even further than what I thought :)
Monica also has a good picture to show where the registry fits in the
(ebXML) big picture. We could extend that by marking the "registrable"
boxes and even add the missing things from your list, like WSRP and eForms.


Diego Ballve
Digital Artefacts Europe

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