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regrep message

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Subject: Notes about V4 issues

In attachment you will find the list of issues for V4 RR specs, or TC
future works that I've noted.

This issues probably aren't exhaustive and consider only the period
between last December while now.


rim.xsd (from a teleconf)
-[FN] Change the String limitations (String8, 16, ...)
-[FN] Association type to be better implemented.
-[IB] Add the multi language support to Slot object

RM - [ADVISORY]: Is the comment about @code in ClassificationNodeType still pertinent? The attribute remains optional, presumably to accommodate taxonomies that are not coding schemes. If so, the comment can probably be removed.
Thanks for reminding. This is still an open question in my mind.
What is the purspose of a ClassificationNode without a code attribute.
I truly cannot recall. Can any one else?

GZ - Can we add MimeType as a canonical ClassificationScheme. If we do so, mimeType's datatype in ExtriniscObject will become varchar(64)
GZ - Can we also add Lang and Charset as canonical ClassificationSchemes. If we do so, all lang and charset columns will have varchar(64) datatype

GZ - PostalAddress extensibility

MM - Should we consider breaking out the SAML profile similar to how WS-Security OASIS has approached the use of token profiles? One editorial motivator for asking this is the document is getting very long. Some of the specialized, advanced functions could be held in separate documents/appendices/etc.
MM - [page 14, sections 1.4.1 or 1.4.2]
[current] 1. Given we've defined WSDL for the registry, should we also cite the WSDL v1.1 reference?
FN - In version 4 we plan to add ability to define multiple transactions within one request and possibly single transaction spanning multiple requests.

[RS Issue] Internal Vs. External Users - Thread

RM - Section 9 refers to XACML 1.0, but XACML 2.0 is the current standard. Should this section be updated accordingly?

TC Activities
-[??] Using BPEL4WS in a ebXML Registry

- Dichotomy for the TC. How integrate specialised business artefacts in the specification package.

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