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Subject: ebXML Registry lightning round 5.ppt - please review!

 <<ebXML Registry lightning round 5.ppt>> 

Okay...  I have the put the presentation in the required OASIS template
and tried using the graphic Monica sent with the BIG picture of where
ebXML Registry fits.  This graphic is an image, so I have not been able
to change boxes, but I have been able to add on top of the image.
Unfortunately, I can't copy and paste the boxes, so anything I create
looks slightly different.

Anyway, take a look and see if this captures most of the ideas related
to showing ebXML Registry in a larger scope.  Are there critical
concepts that are still missing?

Also, are there additional implementations that we should include on the
last slide?  Remember I have 2-3 minutes so don't think we can add any
additional slides!  

Thanks for your review and help!!


ebXML Registry lightning round 5.ppt

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