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Subject: ebXML Registry: Profile Development Guide - some suggestions

Here are some suggested things the newly purposed guide could contain in 
addition to the current content.
The format is section label with sub-sections and content suggestion in 
parenthesis. Please share thoughts
and suggestions.

    * Profile Development Process
          o Define Draft Profile specification within vertical specific
            committee or individually
          o Prototype profile implementation (Standing offer from
            freebXML Registry project to host profile implementation in
            freebXML Registry project. What this would look like is that
            freebXML Registry project would provide infrastructure and
            expertise and will enable freebXML Registry instances to
            readily load the profile on demand out of the box)
          o Submit Profile to ebXML Registry TC
          o Approval of profile by ebXML Registry TC (and optionally the
            vertical specific committee)
          o Publishing of profile by ebXML Registry TC (and optionally
            the vertical specific committee)
    * Profile Packaging
          o (All profile artifacts member of a Profile specific
          o (Profile specific RegistryPackage has a canonical Slot with
            and value="true")
    * Profile Submission
          o (Include spec, optional support documents such as a
            tutorial, and zip file with profile artifacts in RIM
            SubmitObjectsRequest format similar to ebXML Registry 3.0
            spec dist)
    * Profile Document Example
          o (Serves as both an example and a template with required
            sections and template data such as "Target ebXML Registry
            Version". This will encourage consistency of profile specs.
            Suggest refactoring the Person Information Model example to
            be the Profile Document example)
    * Profile Registry
          o (Proposal that OASIS host an ebXML Registry 3.0 instance
            that is the master registry for all ebXML Registry profiles.
            If OASIS is unable to do so Sun can offer to host such a
            registry. Needs much discussion before documenting.)

fn:Farrukh Najmi

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