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Subject: [Fwd: Re: UN/CEFACT Registry Implementation Specification R0V6 forPublic Review]

I reviewed the profile this morning. I think the Deployment Template 
concept developed by ebXML IIC could be valuable for this community to 
consider. What it allows is for a community to provide restrictions, 
context and constraints on how the Registry is used (taking your spec as 
an example) and start to position it to be tested. Jacques has provided 
the updated template, an example profile and a template specific to 
ebMS.  I think this could be helpful for Reg/Rep and for CEFACT to 
Jacques could provide the ebMS profile and and EAN updated example (in 
the new format). What the goal is to develop in an XML format in the 
future. Sorry I saved as a draft and failed to send yesterday. Thanks.

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