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Subject: Re: [regrep] Draft three webinar description

Breininger, Kathryn R wrote:

>Sorry, I missed some corrections from Monica!  Here is the latest!
>Title: ebXML Registry for eBusiness SOA and other applications.
Should there be a "," in above? As in:

Title: ebXML Registry for eBusiness, SOA and other applications.

Also is the following slight modification any better or worse?

Title: ebXML Registry: One registry for eBusiness, SOA and other applications.

>Date: Week of July 18th (TBD)
>OASIS and the ebXML Registry Technical Committee invite you to learn
>about the ebXML Registry v3.0 Standard, what it is, and how it can be
>used to enable management of artifacts used in an ebusiness Service
>Oriented Architecture (SOA).  ebXML Registry 3.0 enables secure,
>federated information management within and across enterprises.  It
>provides functionality to publish, manage, govern, discover, and reuse
>electronic artifacts.  These artifacts include SOA artifacts such as
>WSDL, XML Schema, BPEL, eBusiness Processes, other process descriptions,
>ebXML Collaboration Protocol Profiles, Core Components and application
>specific artifacts.  Other uses of ebXML Registry include event
>registry, information asset registry and repository, as well as meeting
>other needs that require a method for describing and registering items
>of interest to an organization.
>The ebXML Registry 3.0 promotes service discovery, enables secure and
>efficient version control of artifacts, promotes interoperability, and
>promotes sharing and reuse of artifacts.  
>ebXML Registry is particularly suited to support application and domain
>specific use cases, leading to the adoption and deployment of the
>standard in several vertical industries, including government, health
>care, geospatial, telecommunications, banking and finance.
>The session will include an overview of key features of version 3.0 of
>the Standards.  You will learn about several production implementations
>and success stories as well as view a short demo.  A question and answer
>period will provide time to have your specific questions answered by
>experts on ebXML Registry.
>Developers, IT managers, IT analysts, and eBusiness managers will all
>find this an informative and valuable session for addressing how to
>manage and promote eBusiness in their companies. 
>Kathryn Breininger
>CENTRAL Project Manager
>Emerging Technologies
>Boeing Library Services
>425-965-0182 phone
>425-237-3491 fax
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