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Subject: Re: [regrep] CFP for Workshop on Semantic Web Enabled Software Engineering


Great news and fabulous initiative - kudos to NIST for facilitating this.

I like the joint paper we did here with Professor Asuman Dogac.

That would be a definate submission (subject to approval on rights, et al)
- and then possibly some other joint papers - I'd be interested in
on further topics relating to our OASIS work here.

My sense here is that joint work would serve better than individual items,
I suspect there will be a large number of entries.

Thanks, DW

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From: <ewallace@cme.nist.gov>
To: <regrep-semantic@lists.oasis-open.org>; <regrep@lists.oasis-open.org>
Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2005 11:25 AM
Subject: [regrep] CFP for Workshop on Semantic Web Enabled Software

> *************************************************************************
> * *
> * Workshop on Semantic Web Enabled Software Engineering - SWESE05 *
> * (http://www.mel.nist.gov/msid/conferences/SWESE/) *
> * *
> * located at the 4th International Semantic Web Conference ISWC2005 *
> * 6th November 2005 *
> * Galway, Ireland *
> * *
> * (Note - extended versions of the best papers to be published in *
> *  a special section of a future issue of the Journal of Web Sementics) *
> * *
> *************************************************************************
> Workshop Description
>   Over the past five years there have been attempts to bring together
>   languages and tools developed for Software Engineering (SE) with
>   Web (SW) languages. One of the most recent of these attempts is the
>   development of the Object Management Group's Ontology Definition
>   Metamodel (ODM). Until recently, this work has been motivated
>   largely by an interest to exploit the popularity and features of
>   Unified Modeling Language (UML) tools for the creation of
>   vocabularies and ontologies for the Semantic Web.  But what are the
>   potential benefits related to the reversal of this approach and the
>   use of Semantic Web concepts in the field of Software Engineering?
>   Could the Web-based, semantically rich formality of the Web Ontology
>   Language OWL be combined with emerging model driven development
>   tools to provide badly needed improvements in both the process and
>   product of software development activities?  Certainly there appear
>   to be a number of strong arguments in favour of this approach, but
>   consensus on the best way forward has not yet formed. This workshop
>   seeks to explore and evaluate this area.
> Intended Audience
>   While the intended audience for this workshop includes those with
>   experience or interest in Semantic Web languages and tools, it is
>   also crucial to have participation by those with expertise in other
>   areas such as Software Engineering, Automatic Software Engineering
>   (ASE), Knowledge Based Software Engineering (KBSE), UML/MDA, and
>   Software/legacy Modernization.
> Topics of interest include but are not limited to:
>  * Visions for Semantic Web driven software engineering.
>  * Tools developed or being developed for software engineering using SW
>    languages,
>  * Integration or application development projects combining software
>    Engineering techniques and Semantic Web tools or languages,
>  * Lessons learned in ASE or KBSE applicable to SW based SE,
>  * Shortcomings with the Semantic Web with respect to Software
>  * Deficiencies in the ODM
>  * Visions for SW driven software modernization
>  * Integration of UML and Semantic Web languages
>  * Integration of formal methods and Semantic Web languages
>  * Software specification and Semantic Web languages
>  * Component discovery and ontologies
>  * Feature modelling and ontologies
>  * Ontology reasoning for software engineering
>  * Semantic annotations in software engineering
> Workshop Format and Attendance
>  This will be an all day workshop with invited speakers, a
>  poster session, technical talks, and panels discussing competing
>  visions for Semantic Web enabled software engineering (final format
>  will be dependent on submissions).  A working session will follow, to
>  form and document a sense of the workshop on the following question:
>    Are the conditions right for a major advancement in software
>    engineering tools and practice through the incorporation of
>    Semantic Web languages and tools?
>  Invited speakers so far include:
>   Dr. Rudi Studer from AIFB University of Karlruhe for a SW
>    perspective, and
>   Grady Booch from IBM (by remote webcast) for a modeling perspective.
>  This workshop is open to all members of the ISWC community, as well
>  as other communities identified in the Intended Audience discsussion
>  Submission of a paper is not required for attendance at the workshop.
>  However, in the event that the workshop cannot accommodate all who
>  would like to participate, those who have submitted a paper will be
>  given priority for registration.  All workshop attendees must pay the
>  ISWC2005 workshop registration fee, as well as the conference
>  registration fee.  We encourage those who plan to attend this
>  workshop, to register early in order to help conference organizers
>  with their planning as well as insure that the workshop is not
>  cancelled do to projected poor attendance.
> Organizing Committee
>  Evan Wallace, ewallace(at)nist.gov, (primary contact person), NIST
>  Jeff Z. Pan, pan(at)cs.man.ac.uk, University of Manchester
>  Phil Tetlow, philip.tetlow(at)uk.ibm.com, IBM
>  Elisa F. Kendall, ekendall(at)sandsoft.com, Sandpiper Software
> Program Committee
>  Colin Atkinson (DE), University of Mannheim
>  Ken Baclawski (US), Northeastern University
>  Dragan Gasevic, School of Business Administration
>   Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro
>  Michael Goedicke (DE), University of Essen
>  Ian Horrocks (UK), Manchester University
>  Mitch Kokar (US), Northeastern University
>  Bob Lojek (UK), IBM
>  Jishnu Mukerji (US), Hewlett-Packard Company
>  Daniel Oberle (DE), University of Karlsruhe
>  Marwan Sabbouh (US), MITRE Corporation
>  Michael K. Smith (US), Electronic Data System
>  Michael Uschold (US), Boeing
>  Andrea Zisman, (UK) City University, London
> Submissions and Publication
>  We invite three forms of submission to this workshop:
>    Full papers
>    Short position papers
>    Posters
>  Format required for submissions:
>   Full technical papers should not exceed fifteen pages in length,
>   while the body of short position papers should not exceed two pages.
>   Submissions should be sent in PDF to the primary contact or the
>   conference submission address.  Please use the Springer's LNCS
>   format for accepted papers. Complete details on this format are
>   available at Springeronline[
>   Technical papers will be peer reviewed by a group of experts
>   representing a cross-section of fields relevant to Semantic Web
>   enabled software engineering.
>  Publication:
>   All accepted papers will be published online as part of the workshop
>   proceedings.
>   In order to increase the quality of the submitted papers and to
>   provide a stronger background for discussions, we will publish
>   extended versions of the best technical papers of the workshop in a
>   special Semantic Web Enabled Software Engineering section of a
>   future issue of the Journal of Web Semantics.
> Important Dates
>     25 July 2005  - Paper submission deadline
>     31 August 2005 (tentative) - Notification of acceptance to authors
>     30 September 2005 (tentative)- Camera-ready version of accepted papers
>     Sunday, 6 November 2005 - Workshop
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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