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Subject: Re: [regrep] [Ann] Sun announces ebXML Registry product

At 11:55 AM 2005-06-15, Farrukh Najmi wrote:
>Dear ebXML Registry colleagues,
>I am pleased to share the following announcement of a new ebXML Registry
>product by Sun:
>     http://www.sun.com/products/soa/registry

 From the link above...
... but SOA projects generate a broader array of service-related metadata 
and artifacts than just WSDL's. These include XML schemas, BPEL 
descriptions, XSLT transforms, and many others. Such artifacts also need to 
be centrally accessible to promote the benefits of reuse and control, and 
standard ways of storing and retrieving them, capabilities that aren't 
addressed by UDDI.

I disagree that UDDI does not address access to XSD, BPEL, XSLT, and other 
things.  I agree that UDDI does not provide a repository for these things, 
but there are plenty of content management solutions available to manage 
these things, and UDDI can point to them.  TN/BP are needed so industry can 
agree on how to publish UDDI tModels that point to these things.  Does 
ebXML need similar TN/BP to define how to publish these things in an ebXML 

Another standard in this area that accommodates these needs is ebXML 
Registry. ...Functions include those for federated web service asset 
management across multiple repositories. ...

I am very interested to learn more about ebXML support for federation 
across multiple repositories (or registries?)

In addition to integrating this implementation into the Sun environment, 
Sun has also added support for UDDI (3.0), providing a service discovery 
interface for queries made using this protocol.

Does the Sun registry support UDDI v3 subscription API?


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