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Subject: Re: [regrep] [Ann] Sun announces ebXML Registry product

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Please see responses inline below...

Paul Denning wrote:

> At 11:55 AM 2005-06-15, Farrukh Najmi wrote:
>> Dear ebXML Registry colleagues,
>> I am pleased to share the following announcement of a new ebXML Registry
>> product by Sun:
>> ...
>>     http://www.sun.com/products/soa/registry
> From the link above...
> <q>
> ... but SOA projects generate a broader array of service-related 
> metadata and artifacts than just WSDL's. These include XML schemas, 
> BPEL descriptions, XSLT transforms, and many others. Such artifacts 
> also need to be centrally accessible to promote the benefits of reuse 
> and control, and standard ways of storing and retrieving them, 
> capabilities that aren't addressed by UDDI.
> </q>
> I disagree that UDDI does not address access to XSD, BPEL, XSLT, and 
> other things.  I agree that UDDI does not provide a repository for 
> these things, but there are plenty of content management solutions 
> available to manage these things, and UDDI can point to them.  

UDDI does not provide an integrated reporsitory which means that it 
lacks " control, and standard ways of storing and retrieving them".
So for example it does not provide end-to-end lifecycle management of 
these artefacts. This includes publish, update, validation, approval, 
deprecation, undeprecation, cataloging, versioning, access control and 
event notification  of these artefacts. What it provides is a sub-set of 
said capabilities for the metadata for these artifacts.

Indeed there are plenty of content management solutions available to 
manage these things but they do not do so in a standard way facilitating 
federation and interop across these content management solutions.

Also you find the following useful:

[8] LDAP, UDDI and ebXML Registry feature comparison matrix

> TN/BP are needed so industry can agree on how to publish UDDI tModels 
> that point to these things.  Does ebXML need similar TN/BP to define 
> how to publish these things in an ebXML regrep?

ebXML Registry has an approved TN on publishing Web Services in an ebXML 
Registry. We are in the process of updating that document for version 3.

[11] Registering Web Services in an ebXML Registry

I am also proposing that we define a WS Profile for ebXML Registry 3.0.

> <q>
> Another standard in this area that accommodates these needs is ebXML 
> Registry. ...Functions include those for federated web service asset 
> management across multiple repositories. ...
> </q>
> I am very interested to learn more about ebXML support for federation 
> across multiple repositories (or registries?)

Our specs provide an ability for any spec compliant ebXML Registry to 
organically federate with any other spec compliant ebXML Registry.

Please see:

[6] Web Content Management using ebXML Registry (XML Europe 2004):

(presentation in ppt format)
(presentation in Open Office format)

and see details for federation features in ebRS and ebRIM in:

ebRS: 9 Cooperating Registries Support
ebRIM: 8 Cooperating Registries Information Model

[4] ebXML Registry 3.0 Specifications Bundle (OASIS Approved Standard)
http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/document.php?document_id=12049 (the 
(Cover pages article detailing new functionality in version 3.0)

> <q>
> In addition to integrating this implementation into the Sun 
> environment, Sun has also added support for UDDI (3.0), providing a 
> service discovery interface for queries made using this protocol.
> </q>
> Does the Sun registry support UDDI v3 subscription API?
No it does not. This feature is optional in UDDI 3.0. We do however 
support the ebXML Registry 3.0 Content-Based Event Notification feature 
which is much more powerful than the UDDI v3 subscription API because it 
allows domain/application specific queries to be used to subscribe to 
precisely those event of interest to a party.

For example with the ebXML Registry Content-Based Event Notification 
feature, you can subscribe to any GIF image being submitted that is in 
Color and has a specified minimum dimension and is classified by 
Geography of Istanbul.

We made the assumptions that customers do not care what API is used 
under the hood as long as it is based on an open standard and meets 
their needs.

Thanks again for your valuable comments.

fn:Farrukh Najmi

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