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Subject: RegRep 6/23/2005: White Paper Being Compiled by ebxml-jc

The ebxml-jc is slowly working on a high-level technical white paper 
about the ebxml specifications. We've only developed a consistent 
outline and started to fill in introduction, Messaging and 
Registry/Repository sections. Yesterday, Kathryn attended the ebxml-jc 
meeting and proposed that reference the working draft to this team to 
provide any feedback (through Kathryn please) and help clarify what 
adoption, use cases and business scenarios and future plans wish to be 
highlighted.  Your inputs would be greatly appreciated. The information 
was taken from recent overviews, the OASIS symposium quick hit and the 
brief just developed by this TC.

Note that Registry is Section 5.

Again this only a working draft. Thank you in advance for your interest 
and feedback. Regards.

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