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Subject: The Carter/Baker Commission - Voter Registration

Reviewing the proceedings today - they are very heavily 
focusing on improving voter registration as the major 
need in helping America vote more effectively.

I'm seeing a strong story here using OASIS EML in tandem with 
ebXML registry and then secured information exchange 
transactions using ebMS that can be simple and effect real
improvement in information quality, accuracy, security and 

Being able to link to the legacy state systems and interact
with those in situ - rather than an insert and replace all - 
approach is also strongly desired.  Alignment around 
OASIS EML formats for voter registration I'm sure would
be a huge potential first win.

However - this would need to be a joint submission from our 
two teams - and also we would need to examine the Carter/Baker
committee for strong potential advocates that can support this
idea to make it worthwhile.

Dr Paula Hawthorn is one such - I'm wondering if someone has
good contacts with her?  Also Professor Spencer Overton is at
GWU here in Wash Dc area, could be another potential contact

Thoughts here from everyone?  Any hits on your LinkedIn contacts

Thanks, DW

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