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Subject: Working draft proposal for ebXML Registry profile template

Dear all,

in attachment you can find a proposal for the ´Deployment Profile
Template For ebXML Registry 3.0 OASIS Specificationsˇ.

This working draft document is derived fundamentally from the ´ebXML
Registry tutorialˇ, submitted by Farrukh and Nikola to the list some
months ago, and from the ´ebMS profile templateˇ provided by the ebXML

The intent of this document is to define a registry application profile
for a specific domain.

In my understanding, the biggest question that we have to answer with
this document is: ´What needs to be profiled in a ebXML RR
implementation and how?ˇ

I hope that the document can answer to this first question...
(for the moment only ebRIM is profiled. ebRSS ...will come)

please share your comments and thoughts (and your better written english
too please :-P ) 



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