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Subject: BP sample from Monica

(from Monica)
As a follow-up to today's discussion, you may, for example, have a 
process definition that may or may not have a defined interface in 
abstract or concrete terms. For a BP process definition, it may or may 
not specify that it maps to an abstract WSDL name (not operations per 
se). The ebBP v2.0.1 allows the use of abstract names (for operations) 
and the other abstract functions that may be related to WSDL are handled

by CPP/CPA. In theory, the schema constructs don't have to be WSDL but 
an abstract interface (concept). We call it OperationMapping. I've cc: 
Dale is he wants to input on this. If you wanted an even more abstract 
business service view, you can use ebBP without the OperationMapping. 

<QueryResponse name="Catalog Request" nameID="ID100" 
<RequestingRole name="QRinitiator" nameID="QRinitiator1"/>
<RespondingRole name="QRresponder" nameID="QRresponder1"/>
<RequestingBusinessActivity name="requestCatalog" nameID="ID101">
<DocumentEnvelope name="Catalog Request" nameID="ID102" 
<RespondingBusinessActivity name="sendCatalog" nameID="ID103">
<DocumentEnvelope name="Catalog Response" nameID="ID104" 

<BusinessCollaboration name="BC" nameID="BC100">
<Role name="Buyer" nameID="ID7902847"/>
<Role name="Supplier" nameID="ID7902028"/>
<TimeToPerform duration="P1D" type="design"></TimeToPerform>
<BusinessTransactionActivity name="Catalog Request" nameID="ID100300"
businessTransactionRef="ID100" hasLegalIntent="false"> <TimeToPerform
duration="P1D"/> <Performs currentRoleRef="ID7902847"
performsRoleRef="QRinitiator1"/> <Performs currentRoleRef="ID7902028"
performsRoleRef="QRresponder1"/> </BusinessTransactionActivity> <!-start
and completion omitted--> </BusinessCollaboration>

<OperationMapping name="Catalog Request" nameID="ID23948092" 
<MessageMap interfaceName="Procurement" operationName="catalogRequest" 
<MessageMap interfaceName="Procurement" operationName="catalogRequest"
operationStep="output" documentEnvelopeRef="ID104"/> <!-fault omitted-->
</OperationMapping> <!--...-->

Extract from core schema related to OperationMapping
- <#> <xsd:element name="*OperationMapping*"
- <#> <xsd:annotation>
<xsd:documentation>An abstract element that allows mapping a BTA and its

BusinessDocuments to Interface/Operation messages. Specifies input, 
output, fault, interface, operation map to role, BTA and document 
envelope or Business Signal references. Note: This element was added in 
- <#> <xsd:complexType name="*OperationMappingType*">
- <#> <xsd:annotation>
<xsd:documentation>The type related to the abstract element mapping 
Operations to Business Actions, either business messages or signals. 
Note: This complexType was added in v2.0.</xsd:documentation>
- <#> <xsd:sequence>
- <#> <xsd:element name="*MessageMap*" maxOccurs="*unbounded*">
- <#> <xsd:complexType>
<xsd:attributeGroup ref="*map*" />
- <#> <xsd:element name="*SignalMap*" minOccurs="*0*" maxOccurs="*8*">
- <#> <xsd:complexType>
<xsd:attributeGroup ref="*map*" />
<xsd:attributeGroup ref="*name*" />
- <#> <xsd:attribute name="*roleRef*" type="*xsd:IDREF*"
- <#> <xsd:annotation>
<xsd:documentation>Maps to a Role element contained in 
<xsd:attribute name="*businessTransactionActivityRef*" 
type="*xsd:IDREF*" use="*required*" />

Kathryn Breininger
CENTRAL Project Manager
Emerging Technologies
Boeing Library Services

425-965-0182 phone
425-237-3491 fax

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