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Subject: Buiding a profile for ebXMLRR

Dear all,
Seeing the interesting profiles that are growing up I suggest to align
all this interesting documents to the ebXML iic deployment template.
For that we've already started a "Deployment Profile Template for ebXML
RR specs" document (in attachment to this mail). The aim of this
document is to suggest how a profile for ebXML RR have to be built and
it tries to define what have to be profiled in a RR implementation for a
specific domain.
Currently there are at least this 3 profiles for ebXML RR:
Open GIS profile
WS profile
CCTS Profile

My feel is that it could be a real improvement that all this documents
follow he same structure. More readability, more *professional* for the
TC, more simple for building new profiles, more simple for new readers
to understand what's a registry implementation and what's a profile,
more simple to approve a profile for the TC, a better harmonisation,

So a first comment for Richard, Joe and ...me: to try to harmonize "our"
profiles to a template before a finalised version.

Always in attachment you can find an "empty" template that is waiting
for only to be filled by a new specific domain (regrep-xxx-profile is in
open office 2 format!).




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