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Subject: Re: [regrep] Guest on January 12th

Breininger, Kathryn R wrote:
>Hi All,
>Ted Haas has contacted me and is interested in having a discussion on
>exploring synergy between the UNSPSC (http://www.unspsc.org/) and ebXML.
>I have invited him to join us at our January 12th telecon to talk about
>this.  Here is part of his e-mail:
>I think a good first step forward would be to talk and then see if
>creating a mapping tool for importing UNSPSC versions might be a good
>next step.
>This would tie EBXML in at the horizontal level and gain you benefit in
>financial applications where the UNSPSC is embedded. I suspect the
>UNSPSC would also want to highlight this on their website as well :-)
>The reason behind the mapping tool is that there are numerous versions
>out there being used by a myriad of companies.  The UNSPSC offers the
>versions as they are released for free and they come in a couple of
>formats so the parsing should be easy  We might even talk them into
>publishing future versions with an as EBXML registry compliant artifact
>as well:-)
>Well I don't want to go too far down the road without getting your
> I have forwarded the January 12th meeting information to Ted.  Please
>be thinking about questions, etc. for a constructive discussion.
+1 on the importance of the mapping tool.

However, my initial thinking is that I am not as sure whether such a 
tool belongs within ebXML Registry TC as it seems to be an 
implementation task.

BTW, We  had implemented a UNSPSC to ebXML Registry mapping tool within 
the freebXML Registry project using JAXR API and freebXML Registry 
several years back.
The somewhat dated code may be found here:


As you can see the fairly simple code is a Registry Client application that:

-Reads UNSPSC taxonomy from its source file format

-Converts the taxonomy and its elements to ebRIM ClassificationScheme 
and ClassificationNodes and return the ClassificationScheme.

The client of this code can then publish the entire ebXML 
ClassificationScheme and its ClassificationNodes into the ebXML Registry 
using JAXR API.

Again, while it would be very useful for someone in the UNSPSC community 
to develop an updated version of such a tool, I am unsure that it is a 
specification activity that should be within the scope of our TC.

On the other hand, I think it would be good if our TC were to define 
and/or approve an "ebXML Registry profile for UNSPSC" specification 
instead of the tool. The profile could specify the requirements for, and 
behavior of the tool in abstract among other things it specifies.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks.

fn:Farrukh Najmi

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